Students of the defining attribute of the sport of fly fishing, the cast.

Share Your Passion of Fly Fishing – It’s simple, attainable and fun with the Sonoma Trout Fly Rod Outfit

Aren’t we all looking for the next fun experience to add to our lives and share with others? We think so and fly fishing is one sport that will keep on giving those memorable experiences again and again. Even if you struggled to learn to fly fish, and maybe you still are we’ve made it simple for you to share  fly fishing with others. The Sonoma Trout Outfit will make it even easier and more fun than ever.

Here at Leland we pride ourselves on 3 important words. Education, Equipment and Experience. Keeping these three words in mind is something we do with every product we create and if you want to introduce someone to fly fishing you should too. Beyond equipment we specialize in education either here at the Leland Ranch or through our informative website and there are many other avenues for learning. Then when you have the right equipment and the proper education you will create an experience to remember. That experience if fly fishing to us.

If you already fly fish please keep reading. If you don’t, well you’re out of luck… Just kidding, you’ve come to the right place and even more so because you will start off on the path to success.

For those who already fly fish you likely have thought about sharing fly fishing with others. Maybe it was your significant other, your children or if you’re me you’ve wanted to share it with your parents who didn’t get you into fly fishing. I have also shared fly fishing with my wife but first of all, there has to be THE DREAM. Luckily, you can create the dream for them… aka the experience you want to give. This is what I’m currently working on with my father as I know he’ll enjoy it, he just doesn’t know it yet.  Or, if you’re lucky they already have the dream in the case of my wife who had always wanted to fly fish.

#1 Create the Dream ( Experience)

  • Show them a fly fishing movie like the “River Runs Through It” or a newer movie not quite as well done is the “River Why”. Both are adaptations of very good books worth reading yourself.
  • Maybe there is a short youtube video you like. Remember, they don’t dream of swinging flies for steelhead, hiking miles in a deep canyon, or dry fly fishing on a spring creek. That’s currently your dream and maybe, just maybe your dreams will intersect one day.
  • Show them photographs of the amazing places fly fishing will take you. Our friend Val Atkinson   has done a good job with this. Think about the places they have wanted to travel and there’s a good chance there is fly fishing nearby.
  • Finally, don’t start with just taking them to your favorite river. If this river is technical and fun for you but a place you may even struggle with such as the uneasy terrain, difficult access, swift current, etc then stay away from here for a bit. Plan a trip to the easiest river you know at the right time.

#2 Teach them (Education)

  • Good luck educating without a dream. It’s not going to happen. You’ll want to spend time on #1 and if you have questions about creating the dream let us know. We’ve been there.
  • Keep it simple. Dry-dropper, the bimini twist, curved casts. No thanks, not interested. Start with the defining attribute of the sport. The cast. With an efficient and controlled cast nothing else matters and this is why we love fly fishing. This sport has no score, the score is up to the participant. We do however focus on earning fishing with controlled, efficient casts and presenting the fly where you want it. This way if fish aren’t rising, so what. Wind, that’s okay. Crowded river, find your own water and make good casts. Control the things you can and that’s casting. Just like in the sport of golf, it’s likely a better idea to have someone else teach than yourself. Fear not, we’ll soon have some tools on our website and on Youtube to help you with this if you cannot find a good instructor nearby. Oh, and we’re located in wine country. Sonoma, California. If you need an excuse to come visit us for a lesson there’s pretty good food and wine nearby.
  • Gauge their interest with all this and plan accordingly. Promote questions if you can’t figure out how much they want to learn. If they aren’t interested right now don’t worry. You’ll create a fun first outing won’t you?
  • Gift them the Curtis Creek Manifesto. A $9.95 book that covers the basics of fly fishing. Fun and easy to read for all ages and even a busy professional can find time to read it.

#3 Gather the right gear (Equipment)

  • Investing in a few items is a necessary truth. Luckily here at Leland we’ve made this part easy. We created the Sonoma Trout Outfit at $199. This 8′ 5-weight balanced rod, reel and line is perfect for all types of trout fishing, and works great for panfish too (a perfect fish to start fly fishing for by the way). This outfit is guaranteed to make casting easier so equipment is one thing you don’t need to worry about when it’s in their hands. Plus  gifting or having them buy their own rod really helps solidify their place in the sport. We humans love ownership and the pride that goes along with it. This fly rod will be one they remember forever, one they will likely grow with so invest in a solution opposed to sourcing individual items from ebay or passing down your old unwanted equipment. Giving someone something used will backfire, even if it was once the best rod on the market. They don’t know your dirty Sage XP was once $700. It’s old and dirty to them.
  • You can likely supply everything else they need from the flies, leaders and other necessary gadgets. If you want them to have something else to call their own get them this loaded lanyard
  • Beyond the necessary rod, reel and line outfit and gadgets. You need to dress for the conditions. Ideally, start off in the summer wet wading or from a drift boat if you have the luxury. If not, invest in waders and boots. Feel free to call us to get our take on these items.

#1-3 Go Fishing with the right gear, the proper education and create the first experience of many

  • Be patient
  • Fish very little, but enough so they get to the feel the solitude of fishing alone and are naturally forced to learn. They will also likely tell you to “go fish” because they know you love it so much. So go! Stay close, don’t get in the zone and forget about them. This is crucial. You should be close enough to sense their attitude and adapt accordingly.
  • Sometimes fishing with a close angling friend may help. This friend is like the casting instructor or golf pro on the river. Talk to them prior to the outing. Make sure they know what they’re getting into and to also stay patient and keep it simple.
  • Have fun, fish only as long as it takes to either catch a fish or realize that it’s going to be a slow day. It’s it’s going to be slow take pride is being on the water. Making some good casts and being in nature. Take some fun photos and focus on the things you can control. Educate more, but only if they’re interested. If it’s slow it might be a good time to show them a nymph under a rock or maybe walk to a higher elevation to try spotting fish.
  • Finally, end the outing on a positive note and start planning your next trip. Keep that promise of the next trip. I mean it! This is crucial.

There you have it. Some of our tips on introducing others to fly fishing. This isn’t everything and that’s done on purpose. This is the same way you will start thinking when you plan your journey. Start with only the necessary things and take it from there. If you have questions before, after or during this process you can ask us anytime. Let Leland be your guide.

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What is a Fly Fishing Leader?


What is a Fly Fishing Leader?

Most people just getting into fly fishing ask us , “What is a fly fishing leader?” We thought this fly fishing leader article might be helpful.

A fly fishing leader is a length of thin, transparent line that is attached to the front end of the fly line and to the rear end of the tippet material, forming an important component of a fly angler’s terminal tackle. Fly fishing leaders, whether hand-tied by an angler or pre-packaged and sold at a fly shop, are generally tapered, consisting of a thick level butt section, a tapering midsection, and a thing level terminal portion called the tippet.

Fly fishing leaders perform two basic functions. First, their taper allows energy to travel seamlessly from the weighted fly line to the terminal tackle, preserving the power created by the casting stroke and delivering the relatively weightless fly to the target as efficiently as possible. A well-balanced fly fishing leader is responsible for that sweet unfurling action at the end of a perfect cast.

The fly fishing leader’s second function is to create a length of lighter, transparent line between the heavier, opaque fly line and the fly lure itself. This section of “hidden line” will help minimize the impact of a heavy fly line on the water’s surface near the target fish and will help mask the conspicuous presence of a colored fly line in the target fish’s feeding lane.

An effective fly fishing leader must be strong and flexible to perform its basic functions and accordingly, there are a variety of durable and supple synthetic materials employed in leader construction. The two most common leader types are fluorocarbon fly fishing leaders and nylon fly fishing leaders.


Fluorocarbon fly fishing leaders work well when presenting your fly below the water’s surface…as they sink. They’re best used when nymphing for trout or saltwater fishing. They’re abrasion-resistant and almost invisible in water. However, they are relatively expensive and bad for the environment, as they they degrade extremely slowly. Best to just use nylon fly fishing leaders, or at least use fluorocarbon fly fishing leaders in very limited situations.

Nylon fly fishing leaders are considerably less expensive than fluorocarbon fly fishing leaders and are much more supple than their heavier counterparts, making them an excellent choice for dry fly fishing for trout. Delicate presentations and high floatation are almost guaranteed by today’s modernized and improved nylon fly fishing leaders. Blended of a special mix of copolymers, the nylon fly fishing leaders available today are of nearly the same density as water, making them excellent for surface fishing with dry flies in a favorite spring creek.

As a general rule, when fly fishing for trout, use a freshwater fly fishing leader. When chasing bonefish or striped bass, us a saltwater fly fishing leader. Following manufacturer’s recommendations as to what leader to use for what fish makes the process of choosing a leader simple.

For more detailed information on , “What is a fly fishing leader” check out this link.

Learn fly fishing? Leland is here to help.

Want to learn fly fishing?

Do you dream of standing in cool, clear water, surrounded by the beauty of nature, efficiently casting your dry fly to wild trout? You’re probably thinking of Montana or Colorado. Well, keep those destinations on your list…you’ll get there someday. But, before you boldly charge off with a fly rod in your hand, why don’t you visit beautiful Sonoma, California first for a fly fishing experience unlike anything else. Oh, and bring your family, too!

At the Leland Ranch in Sonoma, we focus on the big picture…the essence of the sport. Our goal is to give you the simple principles of efficient fly line control, making each and every cast more enjoyable and functional. Our goal is to build the necessary confidence in you, so that you arrive prepared and ready for a fun and memorable day on the water. Our goal is to put you in that magical fly fishing picture that lies deep in your mind, and we do this in a beautiful, relaxed, family-oriented atmosphere.

The real secret is that our sport provides you with an excuse to find yourself in beautiful places collecting experiences and worthwhile memories that last a lifetime. The same is true when you learn fly fishing on a visit to Sonoma, California. There’s so much to do for everyone in your family. From world-class wines and gourmet dining, to race cars and wing shooting, there’s something on the list for everyone. There’s even Train Town for the little ones.

Nothing makes us happier at Leland, than responsibly sharing with you our passion for the sport of fly fishing. We built our fly fishing ranch specifically for you to enjoy, while starting your fly fishing journey. So plan a trip, bring the family and visit us at the Ranch. You’ll have a memorable fly fishing experience and enjoy all that Sonoma has to offer!

Read More. . .Click Here.

Fly Fishing Equipments

Getting the right kind of fly fishing equipment can be a task in itself. To make this task easier, we at Leland have come up with a superb collection of fly fishing equipments. Not only do we have the best equipments, but we also have the best reviews on our equipments written by ardent anglers and genuine experts.

Everything in fly fishing equipment – be it the fly fishing rod, fly fishing reel or/ and the fly fishing gears – we have a good number of reviews which have analyzed almost all the aspects of the products.

Now choosing a fly fishing equipment will be an experience you will always look forward. Take the example of fly fishing rod – we have rods made of various materials, for various kinds of waters you aim to fish in. Be it the fiberglass fly rod, bamboo rods, salt water fly rod, double hand spey rod – you tell the name and we have it.

Same goes for the fly fishing reels as well as fly fishing lines. The honest reviews of our customers, is a testimony of the quality as well as durability of our fishing equipments.

Under the fishing equipments section, we also have a good collection of wading and clothing. You can very easily find insulation, layering as well as outerwear clothing in our store as well as on our website.

Also we understand that along with the best fishing tackle, excellent fishing accessories too are needed. And so the experts and passionate fly fishers in our team made their best effort to come up with a collection of fly fishing accessory which will not only make fishing easier for you , but will also add color and vibrancy to your fly fishing experience.

Visit Leland and get the best fishing equipments. We guarantee each of our products will add value not only to your fishing collection but also to your whole fly fishing experience.

Fly Fishing Gear

Having the right fishing gear can take your fishing experience to an altogether new level. Today the market is flooded with fishing equipments and fishing gears – which can be intimidating as well as confusing. Thus it is very important that you spend your hard earned money on the right fishing equipment.

We at Leland have a tradition of producing high quality fly fishing gears. For us, a right gear is one which adds to the “coolness” quotient of fly fishing. It could be in the way of accuracy, adequate weight as well as the aesthetic appeal of the equipment.

Most of our fly fishing gears is tailored to meet the requirements as well as challenges which anglers face once they go fishing. No wonder, almost all of our fishing gears have attracted very good reviews from our customers.

We have the entire range of fly fishing gear – right from the fishing rod, fishing line, fishing reel – Everything! We also have a good collection of wading, clothing as well as fishing accessories.

Our fishing accessories and gears – Be it Leland’s Nature Boy Lanyard, polarized Fishing Sunglass or Leland’s Nature Boy Hatch Patch – all have got good number of positive reviews from our clients.

The entire Leland fishing range is crafted with due diligence, keeping in mind the practical needs of fly fishers. At the same time we made it a point that being ‘practically useful’ should never mean being ‘boring’. So we have added the right amount of aesthetics to all of our fishing gears. Therefore the mere sight of it will make you hit the deep waters and hunt the best trout.

A visit to our website will not only help you find variety of fishing gears, but will also help you select the right kind of gear which matches your needs as well as budget.

Whenever you buy anything from us, be assured about the quality of goods. At Leland we follow the tradition of providing the customers best fishing gears at the best possible prices.

Different kinds of Fly Fishes – An Introduction

Nothing can be as interesting as knowing about different varieties of fly fishes, their habitats and the challenges of hunting them down.

Being ardent fly fishers we thought of compiling a list of fly fish, which every angler wants on his fishing rod.And nothing could give a better start to this exhaustive list than the Brown Trout – also known as Salmo Trutta. Nymphing with an indicator or swinging leach, are the most common fly fishing tactic to catch the fly fish variety. A native to the alpine regions in Europe and Asia, Brown Trout is notorious for giving a tough fight to the anglers. Another variety of fly fish which fly fishers look up to is the Steelheads. The Steelheads are naturally found in the western pacific through the Kamchatka peninsula. They are quite energetic and are usually caught with dry flies.

Every passionate fly fisher wants to lay his/ her hand on the giant Tarpon. Also known as the “silver fish” the tarpons are actually a salt-water royalty. The Tarpons are quite popular among the fly fishers from Georgia to the Florida Keys. They are found throughout the coastal waters of Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Golden Trout are also very popular among the fly fish anglers. They are very elusive and fickle about what they eat. Found only in a limited range, fly fish anglers usually find it difficult to catch the Golden Trout.

One fish which has literally stolen the heart of the anglers is the Striped Bass. Especially for the salt-water fly fishers, a striped bass is the best fly fish that can adore their fishing rod. They literally look forward to hooking the striped bass.

Any discussion of fly fish will be incomplete without the mention of the Bonefish. Also known as the “silver bullet of the flats”, the bonefish are a close relative of the tarpons. Their lightning quickness and race car speed make them even more popular among the fly fish anglers.

Apart from the above mentioned names, other varieties of fly fish are Peacock Bass, Carp, Rooster Fish, Sea Trout and Tuna. Snook, Permit, Sailfish and Marlin are also some of the most looked up to varieties of fly fish. It is a dream of every fly fish angler to hook all these varieties of fly fish with their rod – at least once in their life time.

So go… Enjoy and Explore nature’s bounty!

Fishing Terms

For a novice, the various terms in fly fishing can be fascinating as well as intimidating. Many of the beginners just know the basic terms like fishing rod, fishing line etc. So to help them, we have come out with a set of commonly used fly fishing names and products.

Let us begin with the simplest terms first – like the Fly Rod. A fly rod is the most basic equipment without which fishing is not possible. And like every basic thing, the fly rod too has a good deal of history at its backdrop.

The earliest fly rods were long and sturdy branches. With the passage of time, craftsmanship evolved and fly rods became lighter and more customized to meet the demands of anglers as well as the challenges of deep waters. By the 19th century fly fishing gained huge popularity and thus the fly rod evolved from the archaic wooden rods to fiber rod to graphite rods. Today with the advancement in material and manufacturing processes, fly fishers have a great variety to choose from.

Another fly fishing term you will be familiar with is the Fly Line. Common term for the weighted line, a fly line along with the rod and reel helps to make a good cast. Fly lines range from the very thinnest and lightest ones meant for short casts to the heavy thick fly lines which are designed to cast massive flies to catch giant fish in the ocean. With the development of fly fishing techniques, the quality of fly lines too have improved, and today we have a variety of fly lines ranging from full-floating fly line, partial-floating fly line, full-sinking fly lines etc.

Fly Line Backing is another related fly fishing term, one need to be familiar with. It refers to a thin but very strong section which is secured directly to the arbor of a fly reel and to the end of a fly line. This way it provides it increases the longevity of the fly angler’s limited tackle while hooking, playing and landing a strong game fish species.

An additional related fly fishing term is the Fly Fishing Leader. It is the section of the fluorocarbon or monofilament line between the fly line and the fly. It is usually tapered to deliver the fly softly. Strength and flexibility are the essential qualities of an effective leader.

With the above terms, we have touched the most common terms related to fly fishing equipments. Now we will move on to other terms which have more to do with the locale and baits involved in fly fishing.

There are chances that you must have heard and read about Spring Creek. Spring creeks are free flowing rivers which originate from an underground spring or set of springs. It is one of the best places to find trout. No wonder most dry fly fish anglers love hunting in spring creeks. This brings us to another crucial fly fishing term which is Dry Fly. A dry fly is a common name used to describe a type of artificial fly representatives of insects in their mature form. Dry flies are usually fished on the surface of the water or just beneath the surface film. A good dry fly presentation will want the fly to be dry. A crucial aspect of dry fly design is its capability to shed water during false casting as well as its ability to be seen in different kinds of water.

Nymph is another common fly fishing term. A nymph is also a type of artificial fly representative of sub-aquatic trout food. They are designed to imitate immature aquatic insects in their larvae stage.

A Streamer on the other hand is a fly fishing bait designed specifically to actively fish beneath the water’s surface. Generally fished both in the fresh water as well as salt water, streamers are used to imitate a range of small, medium and large sized bait fish.

Another common fly fishing term is Wet Fly. Just like Nymph (discussed above), it is an artificial fly representative of sub-aquatic trout food. Wet flies are fished exclusively in fresh waters and can imitate dried – insects, worms, squids which appeal large aggressive fish.

An iconic figure in fly fishing is the Mayfly. They are slender aquatic insects, and are distributed throughout rivers in the temperate region. It is quite useful to hunt trout.

Caddis / Sledge is often regarded as fish catching machine. It is a dominant aquatic insect in most trout streams. Yet another common fly fishing term is that of Midge Flies. Midges are small aquatic insects, and can be found in trout streams. Similarly Stonefly too is an aquatic insect and when used as dry fly attracts the best trout.

These are some of the most commonly used fly fishing terms. You can visit our website to get a more in depth knowledge about these terms. We have also added some more very useful, frequently used fly fishing terms on our website. Thus polish your fly fishing glossary and enjoy fly fishing!

Leland Fly Fishing Classes

Fly fishing is perhaps one of the best ways to connect with nature. A lot goes into the art of fly fishing. No doubt using the right fishing outfit is important, but what is equally important, or perhaps more important is that you know the tips and tricks of fly fishing well to land the trophy catch.

Often it was seen that many of our customers had several doubts regarding fly fishing techniques as well as equipments. Due to so many doubts and lack of knowledge many anglers fail to enjoy the art of fly fishing. And it was during one such interaction that we thought of coming up with a fly fishing class.

We at Leland are very passionate about fly fishing. For us, fly fishing is not just a hobby or a mere source of income– rather it is a way of life. We believe and look forward to spreading this culture, and so Leland has come up with its own fly fishing classes.

Leland’s fly fishing classes come as a three step program. The first step deals with the basics of fly fishing. Here the basic step of fly fishing – namely stopping the rod and forming the loop is taught to the angler. The second step of Leland’s fly fishing class imparts a better and deeper understanding of rod and line control, where as the third step of the fly fishing class deals with distance casting.

Several websites have cropped up which vouch that they can teach you fly fishing through their detailed fly fishing articles. But the fact remains, that whoever has just gained theoretical knowledge fails enormously in the waters. That is why the main idea behind each of Leland’s fly fishing class is to inculcate in the angler not just the theoretical knowledge, but give them practical knowledge as well. Leland already has good number of articles on casting a fly and making loops etc on its website. Anyone can enrich his/her knowledge through them. But the joy of enjoying fly fishing can be increased many-fold by taking up our fly fishing classes. Thus the classes are generally held at the Casting Ponds in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; Marine Civic Center, Napa and Sonoma Parks.

The instructors of our fly casting/fishing classes are not just ordinary fly fishers, but are FFF master certified casting instructors. They have made it a point that each step of the fly fishing class is carefully designed, so that you pick up the art of fly fishing not only quickly, but also confidently. Because when it comes to making a cast what matters the most is the confidence to challenge the best of the trout deep in there.

Anyone can take up any of the fly fishing classes, depending on their competence as well as experience. There are already several anglers who have successfully inculcated the art of fly fishing and are enjoying their holidays fly fishing – thanks to the skills picked up from our expert instructors.

Come join Leland… Gain a treasure of knowledge on fly fishing!

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